DAEBO Sponsorship

Sponsorship for Seoul National University,
Dung-kyu Choi, Chairman of DAEBO Group, 2012

Help young ones
and our neighbors
to achieve their dreams

DAEBO Group has provided scholarships to local schools and villages in the country. For example, we built a study facility, which cost nearly KRW 2,100 million for Daecheon High School, Boryeong, Chungnam, and contributed KRW 300 million to Seoul National University for development of medical technologies.

Schools supported by DAEBO Group

DAEBO Gifted Education Center, Daecheon High School
(private fortune of KRW 2,100 million donated
by Chairman Dung-kyu Choi)
Local scholarship (Daecheon High School/ Boryeong Middle School/ Daecheon Girls' Vocational High School, accumulated to
nearly KRW 300 million)
Daecheon High School Development Fund, support
for the ITS Academic Award, support to Educational Foundation,
scholarship to Jeonghwa Beauty and Arts School
Support to local scholarship associations (Boryeong Scholarship Association/ Expressway Scholarship Association/ Jungsan Scholarship Association)
Hanmin High School Development Fund, scholarship donated to a self-governing body in a local community where a service area is located

The affiliates of the Group, including DAEBO Engineering & Construction, DAEBO Communication & Systems, and DAEBO Distribution, have helped victims of traffic accidents on expressways and their family members. In an effort to provide financial support for a child who has lost a parent due to a traffic accident or persons with disabilities and their children, we donate to the scholarship foundation operated by the Korea Expressway Corporation. Up to now, we have contributed KRW 500 million to the foundation.


Students with Dung-kyu Choi, Chairman
of DAEBO Group, after completion of DAEBO Gifted Education Center, 2009


Scholarship donated to M.N.D.
Hoguk Foundation

Particularly, DAEBO Engineering & Construction is supporting children of soldiers so that they can concentrate on their military duties.

After signing the agreements in 2017,
the company has donated to M.N.D.
Hoguk Foundation and Hanmin
High School.

The Hoguk Foundation aims at easing the burden of tuition
for a solder's family and providing a scholarship
to children of soldiers on service and civilian military employees.
Hanmin High School, established in 2014, is a boarding school
that ensures stable and secure educational environment
for children of soldiers.


DAEBO Engineering & Construction - Hanmin High School,
Educational Fund Support Agreement, 2017


Contribution to ex-FOOD Sharing,
Majang Service Area of
DAEBO Distribution, 2018

DAEBO Distribution has donated 1% of sales from selected dishes served at its service areas in order to support 'ex-FOOD Sharing', program for the underprivileged in our society.

  Seowon Valley Country Club, in cooperation with Table For Two (NGO), has donated KRW 300 per dish purchased by a customer to malnourished children in Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya. When an elementary school was about to be closed due to lack of students, we offered to run a school bus.